Cancer and Massage.

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let's talk a bit about massage therapy and cancer. There are MANY benefits of massage that could resonate with a cancer patient including better and deeper sleep habits, increased circulation, scar tissue healing, alertness/clarity, improved mental health, decreased fatigue and nausea, and better over-all health. That being said, we ALWAYS ask that the patient has a conversation with their doctor before beginning sessions with us - your doctor knows your body best, and in very rare cases will ask you to abstain from treatment.


What LMM does:

Once the client is cleared for massage, we create a custom plan depending on what benefits the client would prefer. Usually we plan for them to enjoy a more relaxing Swedish Massage and add in a bit of Myofascial Release if they have had surgeries. Swedish massage helps to improve circulation and remove metabolic wastes from the body (which is especially helpful if the client is also undergoing chemotherapy), while myofascial release helps to unravel connective tissue that has been damaged and tightened after injuries or deep incisions. We also use a lot of essential oils for relaxation and revitalization, so you may experience that as well!

Some concerns about receiving massage and cancer treatment simultaneously:

That the cancer will spread faster. Though it sounds logical that an increased circulation would make the cancer spread farther and faster, this is actually false. In order for cancer to metastasize a cancer cell has to change its DNA, which massage doesn't do.  

My tumor is sore and I don't want it touched. The therapist won't work on the actual site of the tumor (unless you had surgery to take the tumor out and would like work done one the scar), and if it is at a place that makes it uncomfortable to lay down on the table, there are lots of pillows and cushions available to make you comfortable!


Have you (or someone you know) experienced massage while undergoing cancer treatments? Is there another concern that you experienced? How did massage help? 


For more information check out these sites on Massage and Cancer:


Summer Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils are such a great way to naturally treat various issues or even just lighten a mood. If you happen to have some sitting around your house, here are a couple of ways to put them to use during the last couple weeks of summer. Remember - oils should ALWAYS be put into a carrier oil before use. My favorite is coconut oil, but you can use whatever you want! Usually a few drops of each oil is more than sufficient, they are quite potent!

After Sun/Sunburn Relief

Lavender & Peppermint

*If making a rub, use an oil as the carrier like normal. If making a spray, use witch hazel!*


Bug Spray

Lemongrass, Lavender, & Peppermint

*If you have Citronella on hand, this is a great mix to incorporate it into!*


Bug Bite Ointment

Tea Tree (Melaleuca), Lavender, Peppermint


Poison Ivy/Oak

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) & Lavender



Lavender & Calendula

*For an extra boost, add some honey!*


Cooling Mist


*Usually I just use water as the carrier for this*



Let me know how you enjoy your oils in the summer months!


-Angela Weiler, LMT