Here's what you can expect -


A typical session at LMM would be a 60 minute Therapeutic Massage. This is the session we usually suggest our new clients start out with. After you arrive at the office, a therapist will greet you and ask you to fill out a brief intake form for your New Client Consultation. After reviewing the form with you and discussing your areas of pain, the therapist will explain to you how the session will progress. We do ask our clients to undress for their massages, and all of our therapists are extremely respectful of your privacy and comfort. The therapist will leave you to change and position yourself on the table. When you are ready, the therapist will return and the session will begin. An hour massage usually consists of a back massage, leg massage, foot massage, arm/hand massage, and a head/neck/face massage.  This pattern and various modalities of massage is altered to fit each individual client,  the areas of tension, and his/her specific needs. After your session the therapist will again leave while you get dressed. When you are done, the therapist will walk you through rescheduling and paying for your session.


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