Need regular massage?

We can help make it affordable.

If you’ve recently suffered an injury, were in an accident, or are just looking for a way to feel great and stay healthy, massage is so crucial to your well-being. Regular sessions will help eliminate pain, avoid whiplash, assist with gaining strength, boost your immune system, and aid in achieving a fuller night's sleep! Because massage is such a wonderful tool to get you back to or maintain your healthy self, we’ve made it easy and affordable to receive regular sessions with these packages.



All sessions are 60 minute Massages.




Basic Therapeutic Package - 3 Massages


Deluxe Therapeutic Package - 5 Massages


Basic Modality Package - 3 Massages


Deluxe Modality Package - 5 Massages


**Modality Massages can be your choice of Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Swedish, Lymphatic, Reflexology or Sports Massages**